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Colin squire has been working with Superyachts for nearly forty years, 13 of those at sea on the largest yachts afloat, mainly during the 1980's, he has since specialised in the production of unique quality promotional products and in the targeted delivery of those products to the end user. Colin Squire Publishing (CSP) is perfectly placed to help you market your company to this elite group.

CSP developed and perfected oboard delivery to Superyachts back in 1991 — both onshore & at anchor.

CSP offers great prices, with loyalty discounts for multiple media use.

Launching in early 2022; Superyacht Knowledge, a different kind of magazine to benefit our clients and our readership alike.

Yachting Matters, launched in 2020, is the only magazine with two titles — Yachting Matters & The Yacht Owner.

During 2022 only one edition of Yachting Matters will be published due to Covid. The magazine will have a long shelf life — with perfect distribution (In fact we believe the best within our industry).

The Yachting Matters magazine and Superyacht Knowledge are produced to the highest quality, with informative and interesting content & great photography.

Yachting Matters & Superyacht Knowledge are both online worldwide at /

Yachting Matters also features: Card File, IndustryFile & Superyacht Refit.

YachtFile — this information pack has been delivered onboard many 1000's of the world's most exclusive yachts since 1994. 4,000,000+ brochures etc. have been delivered to yachts during this time.

Book into YachtFile to deliver your brochures etc. & you will receive a list of the yachts handed your promotional material.

If you need a special promotional item delivered to your specific yachts — ask for a quote. — Over 1,850 Captains network on this private site. You can promote your company with a banner of advertise for a Captain on the SYC - Jobs section.

We can also act as Consultants, help you with Brochure Design & Print plus Web Build & IT. We can also supply photographic images.

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