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Colin squire has been working with Superyachts for over 45 years, 13 of those on the largest yachts afloat during the late 1970's and 1980's. He has since specialised in the production of unique promotional entities and in the targeted delivery of these to the end user, predominantly professionally run yachts, their Owners, Captains and Crew. Colin Squire Publishing is perfectly placed to help you market your company to this elite group.

The company developed and perfected onboard delivery to Superyachts back in 1991 — both onshore & at anchor.

Colin Squire Publishing offers affordable pricing, with loyalty discounts for multiple media use.

The company's magazine, Superyacht Knowledge was launched in early 2022, it contained a different format to the standard yachting magazine, designed to benefit our clients and our readership alike.

With only two editions of Superyacht Knowledge annually, Spring and late Summer, the magazine has a long shelf life — with perfect distribution (In fact we believe the best within our industry).

Superyacht Knowledge is produced to the highest quality, with informative and interesting content on the companies that service the Superyachts that we deliver to. It is also 100% recyclable, the delivery trip carbon offset along with hotel stays, and the package it is delivered in is made from potato starch.

Superyacht Knowledge is also featured online at

Superyacht Knowledge is delivered onboard to over 2500+ large, professionally run yachts and is also sent as a web link to over 2000 Captains that are members of the online forum, You can, if you wish, take a banner on

If you take space in Superyacht Knowledge to promote your company's products and services you will receive a list of the yachts that a hard copy of the magazine has been delivered to after the delivery is complete.

It is possible to have a newsletter or brochure delivered to the yachts receiving a hard copy of the magazine. If this is something of interest, please ask for further details. Space to do this is very limited. — Over 2050 Captains network on this private site. You can promote your company with a banner or advertise for a Captain on the - Jobs section.

It is also possible to contract us as consultants to advise on many aspects of the Superyacht Industry. We can also help you with Brochure Design & Print plus Web Build & IT.

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